Offline Data Entry

One of the Best Job there is.
No Internet Required, Download the Job Files on your PC or Mobile device once & submit within the given date.

Online Data Entry

Complete Data Typing Works for different companies on our server. A daily work files of more than 50 companies to choose from in our Member's Server Area.

Max. Money Investment

Highest Returns on Investment - Max Money. Get Paid upto 1080% (Daily 3% Interest) returns annually on your investment amount (Refundable).

Form Filling Job

If you wish to spend just an hour of your day to make some income, this is the right Job. All you have to do is fill online forms. No lengthy forms, No work load.

SMS Sending

SMS Advertisement is the top most idea using which people can start earning by just investing a little money and time.


A completely different Ad Posting Job, of what you may know on the Web. In this, you'll be getting paid for every Ad you post, every click your Ad gets.

10 Minute

It's one of the latest on demand, provided by us. Because of the huge interest of people worldwide to have the work which can really be done in 10 Minutes.


As the name implies, Copy-Paste Job is just copy & pasting job. You have to copy the given data (text matter) and paste it on different assignments. That's it.

Captcha Entry Work

Hate solving Captcha? Wouldn't it be great if you could get paid for solving captcha codes online? Well now you can.

SMS Reading

A unique way to earn on the move is to receive advertisements on your mobile phone. Get Paid for receiving and reading SMS.

WhatsApp Sending

A unique way to earn on the move is to receive advertisements on your mobile phone. Get Paid for receiving and reading Texts.

Paper Work

These are just paper work at your home. We don't mind telling you it's not everyone in your town who is getting a chance to receive this exciting opportunity.

E-mail Processing

Get paid for processing Advertised E-Mails, you are not required to buy or sell any product. Give your opinion and get paid smartly.

Google Instant Cash

This Income opportunity is offered by Google Adsense. Today million's of people are making a handsome income every month.

Tweet & Earn Job

Tweet about products, deals, adverts, etc for companies and clients. The more views and clicks you get, the more YOU get paid. Min. Payout: $300

E-mail Reading

You'll be provided with 1000 E-mails, read and process the Ads and get paid. You are not required to buy or sell any product.

Content Writing

Content Writing Jobs - is one of the best content writing job on internet. People who really wants to spend there time in putting the best contents on internet here is the right place.

Survey Job

Companies are willing to pay to know what people think about their products, shop and why they buy certain products, because this helps companies improve their product.

Report Creator

Type or paste the data In Report Box & Submit. Each Text Matter are of 6-10 words average. 5 Different Types of Projects To Get Started.

Web Reading

Read the contents provided by clients and companies that need their contents corrected. Contents include: Emails, Websites, adverts, etc.

Internet Job

Choose and complete many different online assignments, spend 2-3 hours a day and get paid a minimum of $530 each month. Sounds like a great deal? That's because it is.